3 Protection Spells we use at Trust Love Spells

Self Protection Spell

        My 1st protection spell will always be to protect self spiritual integrity for the magic to take place in not only a cleansed environment but a protected one as well…

Custom Protection Spell

      Custom protection spells deliver negative energy away from your spectrum of trans elemental energy depending on the situation so if your feeling overwhelmed in big you’ve found the right protection spell to avoid disasters.

Protection Spells for Home or Work

   You can protect your home, work, or place or business using white sage first. A spiritual advisor, witch, or caster will have the answers & help break down which levels of protection warranted rather it be a love spell incoming or outgoing as well. We use protection spells every day in life for a variety of reasons. The exact protection will always be custom if a healer knows the details of your love, spell, money issues, or so on with life. Keep in mind that every case is different, the results are our ultimate goal. Communication is essential in order to achieve the lasting results that are mind-blowing.

protection spells

Family protection spell
Protection spell will reinforce confidence, keep negative forces at bay, eliminate threats to your inner core energy. It is a wonderful way to clear the air before further practices can be done. Usually followed by a cleanse with sage/lavender or even before & after…helps. Protection spells are generally instant, plus very efficient off the start. Let us know when you’re ready for your protection spell to be cast!