Prayers for Madamé


Everyone here at Scottsdale Spiritual wishes Madamé Schwering the fast recovery we all know she deserves. Love Spells are not easy for the client or the caster but as a family member here I know first hand how hard they work…

Thank you for the prayers, gifts, emails & all other actions or concerns. It’s deeply appreciated.


Prayers for Madamé

A Trusted Love Spell

August 20, 2020 Love Spells that work fast. Recovery for Madamé Schwering’s prayer group.


Update: August 23, 2020 – – 

Madamé has returned home, thank the Lord! She is recovering well and has support around. Her time at the hospital went well and the doctors gave her the approval to be back at home.

-Thank you to those who helped donate, our words cannot convey the magnitude of our gratitude! 

-Special thank you to Madamé’s prayer group. I understand that many hours were in spent in deep prayer. Thank you so much. 


ATTENTION: Thank you for all of the feedback and gifts. We sincerely appreciate the support we have received in the recent times. 

-We are in desperate need of bandages and gauges. Please contact us on chat if you would like to help assist with Madamé’s recovery. 

-Madamé also is in need of medication, ibuprofen, Neosporin for the infection, anything helps. 


Blessings to everyone! Madamé is back home, healing and taking it easy. She still continues to work! As soon as she got back into the house, after the long drive, she asked about the clients. 😂 

Well, that’s Madamé… Never stops working, no matter the circumstances. 


Thank you to everyone who helped and sent flowers to the hospital. We are truly grateful. 



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