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Love Spells With Incantations & Candles

Love Spells & The Power of Incantation 

  • Do Love Spells really work?
  • How fast can a Love Spell happen?
  • What do I have to do to cast a Love Spell?
  • HOW can I cast a love spell?
  • When should I cast a Love Spell?

Starting and maintaining lasting relationships can be difficult. It’s important to have somebody you can trust to help make the connection strong again.

  • Want to bring back your lover?
  • Do you ever have dreams of being in a different situation?
  • Would you like all of your problems to be solved?
  • Do you want to find true love? (True love in the purest sense)

Mystical things are happening everyday in the world around us, sometimes all that’s required is a spark to make the magic happen.

A Brief History Lesson on Incantations (Read On!)

When you think of the word “Incantation“, what comes to mind? Is it the fairy-godmother from Cinderella, echoing her nonsensical “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” ?

-Basically, today’s spells involve an entirely different process but still produces the same results: magic. If all it took was reciting a few words and waving a magic wand, then life would be easy, right?

It takes a lot of work, hours of physically draining chanting, & ingredients/materials. I will take care of everything for you.

The word “Incantation” is originally derived from the Latin incantare, meaning “to consecrate with spells, to charm, to bewitch, to ensorcel”.

As you know, the Latin culture and history goes back thousands of years and is still relevant to this day. It usually involves a type of enigmatic language, a ritual, & an offering.

Incantation: The chanting of words or phrases said in terms of spiritual magic or charm

(Noun) – ” A series of words used as a magic spell ”

We use our psychic gifts solely for the positive beneficial growth of relationships. Our natural ability to connect to the spirit realm allows us to mend and fix broken ties.

The spell casting creates direct bonds to the negative energies and completely eradicates them. This way, we allow room for the positive energy to explode upwards and take over.

These incantations are extremely powerful and contain the power to make drastic changes.

Love Spells That Works
Love Spells That Works

The ritual involves a process, a chanting of a passage that is recited when the sun rises and when the sun sets. This is also enhanced by the use of ingredients, materials, and offerings (others refer to it as potions).

With the moon & Sun’s energy radiating deep within me, I am a changeling for the changing seasons. I hold Earth’s essence within the palm of my hands, directing the energy away from negativity and towards positivity.

White Candles (The Importance of Candle Magic) 

White – Protects, purifies all entities. White contains neutral colors or all of the colors & it is also directly connected to the moon energy.

-We specifically use a variety of candles, in particular White candles, that are burned during casting ceremonies and incantation spells. It’s important for us to keep at least ONE white candle on hand & so should you for magical purposes. Before lighting it, send your energy to charge it with internal power & it will radiate positive changes.

Red Candles (Candle Magic Color) 

Red – Maintain strong health, physical strength, mind & body energy, sexual desire, passion and courage.

-We use red candles as they represent the element of fire. In all parts of the world, red is connected with life & death, as well as emotions such as anger and lust. This is the same color that is seen when blood is spilled in both pain and in the miracle of life: childbirth.

With everything going on right now in today’s society, we understand that time’s are tough.

-Please do not hesitate at all to contact us here today. We are here with open arms to help you through all of life’s issues.

The Blessings of Spiritual Healing Transcend All Physical Pain

Love Spells
Love Spells

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