Clairvoyance & its Spiritual Significance 


Clairvoyance = “Seeing Clearly” 


Clairvoyance (religion, spiritualism, and & the occult): means to “see clearly”. It also includes the psychic ability to see into the spiritual realm, the eyes, people, and things in another separate dimension. Many psychics who are also spiritualist mediums possess clairvoyant skills; we are able to actually see and speak to spirits of the deceased.

-In terms of religion, the Bible states a passage where the apostle Saul was visited by a “woman that hath a familiar spirit.” ( 1 Samuel 28). In modern terms, a guardian angel or a spiritual guide. the Bible also lists other instances of clairvoyant visions which can be seen in the book of Isiah (Chapter 6). Clairvoyance has existed since before modern times & has proved to be an effective solution to internal turmoil and duress.



Clairvoyance Altar

There are many people who firmly believe in the existence of supernatural occurrences, and psychic & abilities. This means that we are able to interpret the world from our own subjective and personalized perspective which enables us to consider information in a critical manner. Often times, the claims of psychics are generally obscured vague – for example the foretelling of a deadly car crash or celebrity passing. This is part of the reason why many people believe in the existence of psychic capabilities. Of course, scientists have tried time and time again to disprove the validity and the existence of spiritual magic. Their claims become conflicted as it is impossible to confirm, after countless investigations and criticisms, this reinforces the fact that psychic claims are genuine and the phenomenon is absolutely real.


The power of clairvoyance is manifested in both internal and external visions. Most often than not, the situation is connected to the present time. This process of reaching a high level of clairvoyance can be accelerated by other means: incense, casting, crystal ball readings, hypnotism, and incantations. We are happy to help provide our services so that you can receive the life-changing results as soon as possible. With the proper training and skill development, almost anybody can develop clairvoyant skills. It involves heavy meditation and opening up one’s mind & heart to the rushing waves of Earth’s energy. Through this process, we become grounded and connected to the spiritual realm that revolves around our daily lives.


Question: Am I clairvoyant? How do I know if I have clairvoyance?

  •  Are you significantly moved by nature, flowers, art sculptures, and other physical objects? Feel deeply connected to them?
  •  Have you ever seen shining lights or colors that glitter and float?
  •  Do you see shadows & colored specks drifting in the air?
  •  Ever had an overwhelming since of self-intuition or a predicament that proved to be true?
  •  Movement or twinkling light that appears in the corner of your eyes?
  •  Have you seen auras or glowing lights around people?


Clairvoyance means being able to connect with the knowledge of the soul and the collective energy of all of the soul’s in the universe, including both those deceased and those who are not yet manifested.


You might be clairvoyant if… 

  •  You consistently receive information that feels extremely self-intuitive
  •  You see information through colors, dreams, symbols, visions & dreams
  •  Consistently vivid dreams that are lucid
  •  The readings are subtle and usually happens within your Mind’s Eye
  •  You’re able to envision plans in your head and create entire scenes in your mind
  •  Do you have a great sense of direction?

You might have experienced clairvoyance manifesting itself in a certain way during your life, but didn’t recognize it for what it truly was! 


In the same way that we discredit our daydreams, mind wandering, wishful thinking as part of our imagination, sometimes we become unaware of the clairvoyance that occurs everyday.


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