Protection Spell

Our protection spells are custom depending on the situation so if your feeling overwhelmed in this big world then you’ve come to the right place for answers and help. We can use protection spells every day in the life or for larger relationships if needed. The protection spell will reinforce confidence, keep negative forces at bay, eliminate threatens to your energy. It is a wonderful way to clear the air before further practices can be done. Usually followed by a cleanse with sage/lavender.
Protection spells are generally instant, plus very efficient off the start. Let us know when you’re ready for your protection spell to be cast!


Meditation is to align the mind, body, and soul making us aware of our place in the universe. We use meditation as a way of casting out mundane thoughts or centering ourselves as we prepare to enter a session, event or just start the day.
Our aim is to eliminate worldly distractions and become one with the earth as it was intended before over population and entitlement.
There are many ways of meditation practiced all over the world so no one form is practiced. Instead open to any and all practices as we are never to old to learn ourselves a new way to explore energy within our own selves.
Different cultures use different methods to enter the altered state of consciousness but we call it meditation when they all work to achieve this end goal. If you are unfamiliar with meditation practices then we can find what works best for your energy or even perform on your behalf.


Utilizing many rituals or tools as possible to create results in the world around us permits success to be achieved. Your ritual provides immediate results in being the end goal. Spell rituals or practices at our coven are being performed at almost all hours of the day. We often use herbal ingredients for spell rituals containing products gathered only from mother earth. Although our alters require more substantial materials varying from incense, candles, blessed water, chakra stones, a chalice, an athame, amulets, and many more utensils or tools all depending on the variables of each relationship or ritual.

All spell rituals are custom to our clients. Daily adjustments are often needed, depends on your case. We take our casting seriously so when we cast YOUR full attention is needed, the requirement could include help from you. The reason it takes hours or even days to fine-tune the spellwork or to close the rituals. Starting the process all over means you didn’t have your listening ears on and wasted our time, energy and money. We thrive on results, getting them to you as soon as the universe allows entry through the love spell ritual.

Return Your Lover|Return Your Lover Tonight

I have been no use or no good since the relationship issues between Karl and myself. I have from the time thinking about a love spell or having my lover returned using magic. The idea came to me when a friend said this referral to Madame S.
Friends online used her Spells before, her magic skills & most of all our chats 🙂 Read reviews. Etc.
Yes, I did read other links about having Karl returned to me (my lover)  & websites but most of them repeated multiple times the same old story…
I sincerely found what works for me, Madame Schwering and her true spell site have changed my life for very and returned Karl closer then he’s ever been before this love or returning my lover started…
I’ve found that the problem in my relationship was both of us holding grudges towards one another, angry all of the time, and the biggest issue was our lack of communication. I wish that I could go back but Madame has taught me to focus on the future, because I am positive, if I would’ve gone about issues a different way I wouldn’t be here now. Madame showed me there’s a path right back to returning my lover if I just listen to here but I know that we both will now be beyond happy together. I know now through the work that I have done with Madame Schwering and the learned skills I can use to make my relationship happy from here on out. Getting him back wasn’t the hard part but making the changes so I didn’t end up in the same position again was what I needed to learn.
The meditations, sessions, and her spell itself (as well as some of the reconciliation spells) have helped so fast with real results I can feel and see. I now can totally quiet my mind and stay focused on making my relationship work.
I’ve been practicing mindfulness and gratitude a lot all due to Madame’s teachings. I am most definitely calm and neutral and I have positive thoughts for the future, it’s like a movie playing in my head of what my relationship with Karl is going to be fine. I’m more at peace than I have been in a very long time because to return your lover means loving yourself more, first. The very last thing that I asked her to try was her white magic and let me tell you it changed my life. Please if you want to be better, chat with her!

White Magic

White magic is simply the use of the forces around us which naturally exist, anyone performing these practices can choose to use white magic or black magic but caution is suggested always…

White magic is a positive force used entirely for the good of love. We practice only inside of a positive realm while guiding you through as we work together to get the results desired. White magic skills are used for positive outcomes, we would never use power to harm in the love spell.

We should always think of the repercussions of our actions. Good or bad energy we put out into the universe is reflected back to us up to three times stronger…


Black magic is generally performed for negative reasons such as curses or to harm others. Love not being fixed with good intentions or someone else under the work or spell of another caster. It has acquired a bad reputation for these reasons in the past but let it be known this is not always the case. Viewed as a negative practice, there are cases that require a wedge or separation using black magic. We will never use black magic to harm anyone or yourself outside of the offering. Results are usually immediate if the black magic ritual is performed correctly.

Love Spells


As a coven of white magic primarily we believe in three principles for performing the act of a love spell.First, creating love for one’s self, family and respect of the natural forces in which life or death are based upon in our universe.

Second, Recognition of the Divine Deity, in which ignores gender but acknowledges both male and female as equal aspects of the force behind the divine intervention we seek for any love spell.

Third, positive outlook and morality where the person is responsible for the outcome of their true nature or in this case love. Being in harmony with the social community as well creates energy much needed for the ceremonies to spark or manifest the love spell.